Nanjing Codeal Corp., Ltd. is a specialized trading corporation dealing with the import and export of light industrial products and arts crafts. There are thirty categories of main products we deal in which includes machinery and electronic products, hardwares, garments and textiles, toys, gifts, cases and bags, shoes, husehold articles, travel and recreation goods etc. Nanjing Codeal Corp.,...

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Everlasting Trustworthiness, High efficiency,
Standard Performance, Continuous Improvement,
To Provide Our Customers With Satisfactory Products and Trade Service.

ADDRESS: 378 East ZhongShan Road, NanJing, China
ZIP CODE: 210002
PHONE: 86 25 84537100(Exchange) , 86 25 84537159
FAX: 86 25 84401937
MAILBOX: [email protected]
Copyright © 2018 Nanjing Codeal Corp., Ltd.
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